Quartus: Launch test bench in modelsim

To use modelsim as the default simulator in quartus, please follow this blog post.

Step 1: Open settings dialog box by clicking Assignment->Settings menu or by using the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+Shift+E. The settings dialog box should appear.

Step 2: Select EDA Tool Settings->Simulation option in the sidebar.

Step 3: Enable test bench by selecting the option Compile test bench.


Step 4: Click Test Benches… button to create test benches. Test benches dialog should appear.

Step 5: Click New button to create new test bench. New Test Bench Settings dialog should appear.


Step 6: In the New Test Bench Settings dialog, provide the name of your test bench using Test bench name.

Step 7: Add all the necessary test bench and implementation files by clicking File name ellipsis button.


Step 8: Click Ok to create new test bench. Test Benches dialog should now list the test bench you created.

Step 9: Click Ok. Click Apply in Settings dialog box.

Step 10: To launch ModelSim simulator, you have to first Compile your design by clicking the Start compilation icon or by using the Ctrl+L shortcut.

Step 11: After the compilation is successfully completed, launch simulation by clicking RTL Simulation icon.

Quartus: set simulator for already existing project

In this post, I will show you how to change simulation tool for an existing project.

Changing simulation tool

Step 1: Open settings dialog box by clicking Assignment->Settings menu or by using the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+Shift+E. The settings dialog box should appear.

Step 2: Select EDA Tool Settings->Simulation option in the sidebar.

Simulation settings
Step 3: In the simulation settings page, select the required simulation tool using Tool name drop down box.

Setting simulation tool path

Now that you have instructed Quartus to use the simulation tool you wanted, you should also inform Quartus where it can find this tool.

Step 1: Open options dialog box by clicking Tools->Options menu. Options dialog box should open

Step 2: In the option dialog box, select General->EDA Tool options in the sidebar.

Step 3: in the EDA Tool options page, set the path to your desired tool.

EDA Tool options