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The content you can expect here are

  • Operating System
  • A 32bit operating system designed by me for educational purposes.
  • Arm emulator
  • An ARM processor simulation engine which can be used to simulate code compiled for arm processor. It comes with a gui and lots of Debugging facilities.
  • Graphical Programming Environment
  • A GUI tool to link nodes to each other to create a program flow.Similar to Labview. I actually created it to design a Digital simulator.
  • uProc – An 32bit soft processor
  • An 32bit microprocessor designed in Verilog. It is in primitive stage.
  • llvm backend for uProc
  • Backend for llvm targeting uProc, a 32bit soft processor. The front-end for llvm is clang. Thus this will be the compiler for uProc processor.
  • A small scripting Language in Bison


Ravi Teja is a technology entrepreneur with interest in Embedded Systems, Software engineering, Operating Systems, Web development, Cloud computing, Machine learning, etc.

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  • do u have a program for dff with synchronous reset and asynchronous preset, and with lavel based reset